Access to Physical Facilities and Space


Campus buildings, paths of travel, and other physical facilities are to be accessible to the extent that no individual with a disability is denied access to programs, services, or activities offered by the College of Charleston as a consequence of inaccessible physical facilities. All new structures and major renovations of existing facilities and paths of travel must, at a minimum, meet accessibility standards and guidelines as required by federal and state law. In the event construction of physical facilities obstructs preexisting accessible route, an alternate accessible route must be provided.  Modification and retrofit of existing inaccessible facilities will be accomplished on a priority basis.

These physical access provisions apply to any facility that is owned, leased, or used by College of Charleston. If a program or activity is scheduled in a location that is inaccessible to a person with a disability, and if accessibility cannot be readily achieved in a timely manner by structural redesign, modification, or retrofit of the facility, the program or activity must be made accessible through other suitable methods. Other methods may include, but are not limited to, relocation of the event, accessible transportation, or alternate format materials.

The department sponsoring the program or activity is responsible for informing participants of access procedures and coordinating access to an event, but may seek the assistance of the ADA Coordinator. The person requiring access is responsible for making their needs known a reasonable amount of time in advance to the activity sponsor.  The College of Charleston is committed to equal access and strives to remove barriers to its programs and facilities.  However, you may encounter a barrier that the College may not be aware of, if you do, please submit a Barrier Notification Form so that the matter can be addressed promptly.