Title IX & Pregnancy Accommodations

TIX Pregnancy

Title IX & Pregnancy

Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex. This includes discrimination based on pregnancy and pregnancy-related conditions, including childbirth, loss or termination of pregnancy, lactation, and the recovery from these. Title IX’s purpose is to ensure that persons are not limited in nor denied access to an educational program or activity because of their pregnancy or pregnancy-related condition.

Types of Support & Accommodations

Pregnancy, itself, is not a disability. However, there are some commonly arising medical conditions that occur during pregnancy and there are some typical, reasonable accompanying accommodations for those associated conditions. If you are pregnant or experiencing a pregnancy-related condition (including lactation) but do not have any specific medical complications, you may directly contact your instructor, supervisor, or department to request support or accommodations. These accommodations may include more frequent restroom breaks, the ability to eat or drink where otherwise not permitted to do so, a larger desk or seat, permission to put legs/feet up during class, breaks for nursing or lactating parents, excused absences for necessary medical appointments and childbirth, adjustments to assignment timelines or extensions to deadlines. You should discuss with your instructor, supervisor, or department that this accommodation request is because you are pregnant or because you are experiencing a pregnancy-related condition. This discussion should be an interactive process.

If such reasonable requests are ignored or denied, then you may contact the Equal Opportunity Programs Office by email at eop@cofc.edu or by phone at 843-953-5754, and a Title IX professional will assist you. You may also submit a pregnancy accommodation request form at one of the links below.

Pregnancy Accommodation Forms

Pregnancy Accommodation Request Form for Students

Pregnancy Accommodation Request Form for Faculty, Staff, and Student Employees

Center for Disability Services or SNAP

Should a pregnancy-related condition become a temporary disability needing additional accommodations, a student may contact the Center for Disability Services or SNAP here. For employees, additional employee accommodations can be sought at the Equal Opportunity Programs office here.

Employee Leave Options

If you are an employee, including a student employee, you may have options for leave related to your employment. Information for employees may be found by contacting the appropriate Human Resources personnel here.

Lactation Rooms

There are designated lactation rooms available on the main campus for new mothers, including one in both Addlestone Library and one in the Robert Scott Small Building. Students may contact the Office of Human Resources at 843-953-5512 for room locations and access information. Students may also secure access to a lactation room in the Stern Center at the front desk. See the College's Lactation Policy here.

Additional Resources

 Title IX & Pregnancy Handout